Which service is the one for me?

We understand each Researcher has different data storage needs. That's why we offer a variety of storage options to meet your requirements. Explore the available options by clicking on the checkbox criteria from the options provided below. The red progress bar will assist you in choosing the most suitable storage service, whereas the gray progress bar will indicate the service may not be suitable.

Select from the following criteria:

I want to synchronise my research data between all of my physical devices

I want to collaborate with people external to Griffith University

I want to access my data from off-campus

I want a network share to store research data like G: drive

I want a service to store large active data sets

I want a long-term solution to store data for over 3 years for infrequently accessed data

Still unsure which service is for you? Our eResearch support team are more than happy to help. Simply go to our contact page and select "I need advice about my storage options".