Research Space Interactive Graphs

Research Space Interactive Graphs


General Graphs

  • Click on name to show relevant information of data from past week, a fortnight and since month started.
  • Mouse over shows blue tooltip with day and relevant data.

Vault Usage by Groups Graph

  • Click on title to reset all content.
  • Use the bar at the bottom to select subsection to be display.
  • Click on colour boxes to show/hide individual line graph.
  • Tooltip with numbers next to names shows data related closer to date selected with mouse over.
  • If the Tooltip with numbers is red it means that the data has rapid growth in the past 7 days.
  • Click on individual line to show only clicked line.
  • Click on name to show relevant data about each Research Group.
  • Tooltip on the top-right corner represents the day on mouse over of the graph.

Research Space

Research Drive

Research Vault

Research Raw Statistics. The above graphs all build off the raw data provided in the links below.

Research Space Capacity Used
Research Space Total Users
Research Space External Users
Research Space Project Shares by Group
Research Drive Capacity Used
Research Vault Capacity Used
Research Storage Report

Research Storage Services

Rapid Growth in Terabyte (TB):
Rapid Growth in Percentage (%):
Metrics exclude replica copies for data protection and disaster recovery.