Welcome to Research Storage Services

Griffith University offers various storage services to all researchers and research students affiliated with the University. The Research Storage Service is an area where researchers can gain access to digital storage based on their storage needs. The project data stored in these services are freely accessible and securely stored on Griffith servers. For more information, access the Research Space, Research Drive and the Research Vault options below.

Terms and conditions

The primary purpose of this service is to facilitate research through the secure storage and sharing of files by Griffith researchers and their collaborators at other institutions. Use is subject to the Griffith University Information Technology Code of Practice.

Content and access controls are the sole responsibility of users of the service. Griffith University encourages researchers to follow the Best Practice Guidelines for Researchers. By using the service you warrant that your storage and sharing of the content complies with legislation (including copyright and privacy), ethical obligations, university policies (including intellectual property), and contractual agreements.

Griffith University reserves the right to remove, at any time without notice, any content that breaches the above policies. The responsibilities of the system administrators are outlined in the Information Security Policy Schedule A - Roles, Standards and Operational Procedures